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How Mailchimp Grew Its Newsletter to Over 1 Million Subscribers

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Mailchimp is one of the largest email marketing platforms in the world, with over 12 million users.

But how did Mailchimp start out?

And how did they grow their newsletter to over 1 million subscribers?

Here are a few of their key strategies:

They focused on a specific niche. 

Mailchimp initially focused on small businesses and freelancers. This allowed them to target their marketing efforts and create content that was relevant to their specific audience.

They created high-quality content. 

Mailchimp's newsletter is full of helpful tips and advice on email marketing, social media marketing, and other topics that are relevant to their audience. They also feature interviews with experts in the field and case studies of successful businesses.

They made it easy for people to subscribe. 

Mailchimp's website and social media profiles make it easy for people to subscribe to their newsletter. They also offer a variety of ways to subscribe, such as through a pop-up form on their website or by sending a text message.

They promoted their newsletter. 

Mailchimp promotes their newsletter on their website, social media, and in their marketing materials. They also partner with other businesses to cross-promote each other's newsletters.

They offered an incentive to subscribe. Mailchimp offers a variety of incentives to subscribe to their newsletter, such as free e-books, templates, and webinars. This makes it more likely that people will sign up for their newsletter.

Here are a few additional tips from Mailchimp on how to grow your newsletter:

Be consistent. 

Send your newsletter out on a regular schedule, whether it's weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Be personal. 

Address your subscribers by name and write in a conversational tone.

Be helpful. 

Provide your subscribers with valuable content that they can learn from and enjoy.

Be engaging. 

Use images, videos, and GIFs to make your newsletter more visually appealing.

Make it easy to share. <-

Include social sharing buttons in your newsletter so that your subscribers can easily share it with their friends and followers.

By following these tips, you can start growing your newsletter to over 1 million subscribers, just like Mailchimp has done.