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What Questions Do 90% of Your Readers Ask?

Get the scoop on Meta's new broadcast channels, Substack's top earners, and why engagement beats subscriber count. Plus, actionable tips to boost your newsletter game and a look at Morning Brew's big win.

the avg person receives 121 emails per day.

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because your inbox isn't a black hole (or is it?)

Question of the Day:

What Questions Do 90% of Your Readers Ask?

Based on a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute, Litmus, Nielsen Norman Group, & Edelman Trust Barometer, here are the top questions your readers are asking:

  1. Is this worth my time? - 91% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing, but only 31% say it's their most critical channel for content distribution. This suggests readers are constantly evaluating the value of newsletters they receive.
  2. What's in it for me? - 54% of consumers have felt "overwhelmed" by marketing emails in the past year, indicating a need for clear value propositions.
  3. Can you get to the point? - users spend an average of just 51 seconds reading a newsletter. This highlights the importance of concise, scannable content.
  4. How do I know you're credible? - only 50% of people trust businesses as a source of information. This underscores the need for newsletters to establish and maintain credibility.

Headline News

Meta Introduces Broadcast Channels for Facebook Pages

Meta just rolled out broadcast channels for all Facebook pages with over 10k followers. This new feature lets pages blast messages to followers on Facebook and Messenger.

It's a big deal for anyone running a newsletter or trying to reach their audience on Facebook.

Deep Dive

The Rise of the $100K Newsletter

Substack's top 10 paid publications are now raking in over $20 million annually. The platform's success stories are inspiring more writers to jump into the newsletter game.

But here's the kicker: only about 5% of paid Substack newsletters make over $100K a year. It's not all sunshine and rainbows in newsletter land.

Unconventional Wisdom

Throw out the Welcome Email Sequence

Everyone says you need a welcome sequence, right? Wrong.

Try this instead: Send one killer welcome email with your best content, then jump straight into your regular newsletter. Your subscribers signed up for your content, not a drawn-out introduction.

Myth vs. Reality

Myth: More subscribers = more money

Reality: Engagement trumps list size every time. A recent study showed that newsletters with 1,000 highly engaged subscribers often outperform those with 10,000 passive ones in terms of revenue.

Disrupt the Status Quo

Your mission: Unsubscribe from 5 newsletters you haven't opened in the last month. Then, focus on making your own newsletter so good that people can't wait to open it.

💬 Food for Thought

If your newsletter was a person, would you want to grab a beer with them?

💥 Big Win of the Day

Morning Brew Hits 4 Million SubscribersThe daily business newsletter Morning Brew just crossed the 4 million subscriber mark. They're proving that even in 2024, email newsletters can still grow like crazy.

📈 Market Moves

  • Substack introduces "Notes," a Twitter-like feature for writers
  • ConvertKit acquires FanBridge, expanding its reach in the creator economy

🛠 Hack of the Day

Use emoji in your subject lines, but sparingly. A study by Experian found that 56% of brands using emoji in subject lines had higher open rates.

📊 By the Numbers

The average person receives 121 emails per day. Your job? Make sure yours isn't just another number.

🔧 Must-Have Tool

Check out MailerLite

MailerLite is a fantastic tool for creating and managing your newsletters. It offers a drag-and-drop editor, automation features, and even a website builder. It's perfect for anyone looking to streamline their newsletter creation process. 

Action Item

This week, ask your subscribers one question they've always wanted to know about you or your business. Share the best responses in your next newsletter.

Reply with your results for a chance to be featured!