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Double Your Subscribers in 30 Days

Uncover the secrets to doubling your newsletter subscribers in just 30 days.

Image: The Newsletter Startup
Photo by Jonah Pettrich / Unsplash

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“Quality over quantity – emails may be cost effective but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience.” – Benjamin Murray.

Doubling your subscribers in 30 days? Sounds like a tall order, right? But with the right strategies, it’s more achievable than you might think.

Let’s start with the numbers.

Did you know that 60% of consumers subscribe to a brand’s email list to get promotional messages, compared to 20% for social media? That’s a huge potential subscriber base just waiting to be tapped.

Image: The Newsletter Startup

But it’s not just about getting subscribers. It’s about keeping them. The average churn rate for email lists is around 25% per year. That means you need to be constantly attracting new subscribers just to maintain your list size.

Now, let’s talk about growth. Businesses that use lead magnets to attract subscribers have seen their subscriber growth rate increase by 400%. That’s four times the average growth rate!

And what about revenue? Well, businesses that nurture their leads have seen a 50% increase in sales-ready leads, at a 33% lower cost.

So, how do you double your subscribers in 30 days?

Start with a compelling lead magnet. Offer something of value to your potential subscribers. Then, nurture those leads with high-quality, relevant content. And don’t forget to keep testing and optimizing your strategies.

Remember, as David Ogilvy said, “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.” Treat your subscribers with respect, and they’ll reward you with their loyalty.